Radio Play

A double bill of short radio plays presented back to back, with live foley (SFX) on stage.

The first of these plays will be a played straight radio drama, ideally a murder mystery or thriller. (I am currently investigating short Agatha Christie scripts, although also considering Caryll Churchill's early scripts "Not not not not not enough oxygen", a sci fi-esque thriller, and "Schrebers Nervous Illness", a biographical thriller set around a brilliant mind in crisis.) 

This will be presented in juxtaposition with the great radio play spoof "The Gun I Have In My Right Hand Is Loaded". A rip-roaring tour of how *not* to do radio drama, it offers a wealth of fun to physically stage.

Both plays can be presented as simply or complexly as desired. Ideally I would like an 'artistically bare' stage, with only two mics, one for performers, the other for Foley. It would be very interesting to explore hearing the sound 'live', to how we can relay it in a way that the audience get the full 'radio experience' - potentially either sealing the stage somehow, or providing the audience with headphones. Headphones would allow the audience to chose which aural experience they wish to have moment to moment.

This is a fabulous teaching opportunity, from the voice work of the performers, sound design for technical students (who I also envision actually performing the Foley), to really challenging the whole company to interrogate staging and dramaturgy in a very immediate fashion.