Sophie is currently the Artistic Director of Theatre Royal Bath Theatre School, and can be contacted about all relevant information and enquiries at the Theatre.


In recent years Sophie has worked all over Wales and the South West as an Education Practitioner. She has been the Studio Project Director for West Glamorgan Youth Theatre (Winter Project 16/17), and a regular practitioner on behalf of Tobacco Factory Theatres, as well as working widely with local SEN settings.


In addition Sophie has worked closely will several establishments and organisations to create purely bespoke workshops. From a KS2 Tempest exploration, to a PSHE examination of anxiety and its effects, to a week long immersive look at vulnerable masculinity in Shakespeare, Sophie has worked in correctional facilities, schools, hospitals, fields, and village halls, and specialises in puppetry, clowning, devising, Shakespeare, textual analysis, music in performance, and audition technique - get in touch to discuss your interests and needs.

Specialist workshops include


  • Shakespeare - Renegade Language; A whistle stop exploration of the madcap hilarity of the Bard's more inventive turn of phrase! Using puppetry, comedy, and music to free teen actors from the (perceived) tyranny of Shakespearean language. (KS3 upwards)

  • Rabbit Hole - A four day performance project, using clowning, immersive performance techniques, and physical buffoon, this workshop is designed to stretch and challenge talented teen actors aged up to 16 years

  • What's the Story? - Learning to break down a story to its key elements, participants can explore each building block in detail, from characters and context, to the final payoff. (Best suited to KS2 and KS3)

  • Something To Say - Finding Your Voice! A dedicated program introducing young actors to the challenges and rewards of devising theatre. Exploring key practitioners and theories, participants build their toolbox whilst being fully immersed in the practice of producing their own work, pertinent to their own interests, whilst learning to connect and work meaningfully with their peers. This workshop can be tailored to groups sized 5 - 25, aged 12-25.