Curriculum and Season Proposal

In principal, I have sought to fuse my own artistic visions and ambitions, with the fullest opportunities to teach vital practical skills.

Firstly, I passionately believe in ensemble storytelling, and in collective ownership of the work.

Next, the key skill-sets must all be covered and explored - these being Physicality, Text work and analysis, Devising/Improvisation, Ensemble work, and Voice. Based on my (admittedly limited) knowledge of curriculum over the past few years, I have chosen to focus on voice and text work.analysis in the main. The exception being a focus on ensemble and devising for the younger classes, in order to gel and set up a future company ethos.

Lastly, I would seek to encourage all company members to explore their own artistic expression as theatre makers. To achieve this, it is important we provide them context, a wide variety of references, and full skills toolbox, as the sturdiest bases to strike out from.

To this end, I feel it vital to explore as many appropriate theatrical styles and genres in session as possible, as well as reintroducing the "classic" canon to the company. This does not have to be in strict traditionalist fashion (it would be more useful in fact to not be at all), but can be deconstructed a la RashDash and Told by An Idiot, adapted such as Seamus Heany's wonderful work, or totally reworked in the vein of the incredible Iphagenia in Splott. The "Classical Canon" needs intergoating by the next generation as much as new writing and devising does, and needs to span The Greeks through Jacobean playwrights, to Shaw, Ibsen, Lorca and beyond.


We need to be teaching that respecting our foundations doesn't mean we can't shake them.

Double Bill

Radio Play


Without having met the company at large, and being able to assess the overall skill level, interrogate their interests, or even practically know the general age/gender splits etc, this is an idealistic, but fully flexible proposal.

Moving forward through the seasons, I have a host of titles I would be interested in exploring - company make up permitting - Including ;

The Cradle Will Rock Brechtian Musical

House of Bernada Alba

Fear and Misery in The Third Reich

Faith Healer

Pinter's Sketches

The Exception and The Rule

Comedy of Errors

One Man, Two Guvnors

Gladiator Games

I'm Spilling My Heart Out Here

Serious Money

Little Revolution

The Children

Also - devising around topics such as - 

The Life of Ada Lovelace

Bella in the Wyching Tree

Ovid's Metamorphoses

The Bacchae and Bacchic Rites

The Children's Crusade

Non Verbal versions of famous stories 

New Version of Richard 3rd