Folk Lore

It is uncertain times for the collective nations of Great Britain. The press and media have labelled the people as divided, rootless, without an anchor in their own culture. And this seems to particularly apply to the English.

Who are the English? What is 'Englishness'?

An opportunity to explore an elusive cultural heritage through a process of curating traditional stories, song and dance. Can we answer any questions about our future by looking back into the mists of our past?

This would be a devised process of collecting material from a specific source, weaving together a storytelling event, all whilst considering the impact of our storytelling. asking the two key theatrical questions 1) What story am I telling? and 2) Why am I telling it?

As with all devised pieces, this show can be put together with a prescribed budget in mind, working within the necessary constraints. I anticipate a certain level of theatrical invention will be necessary, with dual purpose props, set pieces and costume. I would also be keen to explore repurposed items, such as sets built out of newspaper and cardboard.